The Joke is Homestuck
Terry! Atta boy. He looks like he is ready and raring to be a loyal companion to his new owner, that lucky bastard. You will be a little sad to say goodbye. You hardly got a chance to know him at all.
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No comics til the big Halloween one

Because this isn’t just a comic it’s a choose-your-own-adventure game inspired by old flash games and popup books of the same spooky nature from my childhood

It’ll be badass but sadly requires my full comical attention so no content til the 31st

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Anonymous bitched: maybe some homestuck jokes

The Hetalia fandom, the Supernatural fandom, and the Homestuck fandom walk into a bar

They get to talking about their jobs as most people do

"My job as a mailman sucks assbutts." says Supernatural "Every day I bring people more bullshit they don’t want. And if I DON’T bring it, there’s a riot."

Hetalia laughs and tosses back another beer. “You think YOUR job is bad? I’m an anchorman. I have to do all that, and still keep a positive look on things. My riots fill streets.”

The two fandoms agree they have horrible jobs and then turn to Homestuck

"What about you?" they ask "It’s been a while since we’ve seen you."

Homestuck takes off his bloodstained apron and tosses it over Supernatural’s head

"I’m a butcher. Every bit of content I get I have to cut up into smaller more grotesque pieces until you can’t even tell what it started out as."

The joke is Homestuck.

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Under a readmore for sheer size and awesomeness




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Normal shmormal

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More castist jokes with Dualscar because you all hated it

Like a dumb rustblood


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First day of school

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Castist jokes with Dualscar stay tuned for more

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Your name is YAOI PARADISE and you are EXACTLY THAT.

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Remember that thing I was making


First couple pages are up. It’s about a very important video game getting playtested with all kinds of shenanigans

Support it and read it and you get a gold medal

With a saxophone on it that says JAMZ in diamond letters

But it’s an imaginary medal so you can’t pawn it off for your crack cocaines

Damn junkie go get a fuckin’ JOB jeez

Anyway yeah we’re working hard on this and SHOULD update every other day or something so give your old L(o)rd and my good buddy some love and take a minute to appreciate this ruddy mess

If you got any questions about the thing go ahead and message me here at TJiH I’d love to share all I can until we make a separate blog for it later

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Art class

Masterpieces by Gamzee and Equius

EDIT: Fixed the quirk

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